Cooma Monaro Railway

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Last Updated: 22/2/2015 ('What's New' page)



NOTE: Cooma Monaro Railway is not running trains at present due to the need to upgrade railway infrastructure. This is to ensure your future safety. This does not stop you looking around the precinct as there is still much to see. Please contact the railway by email at if you have any concerns.

Photo: John Gibson

CMR is an established Australian heritage railway based at Cooma Station in southern New South Wales. As the gateway to the Snowy Mountains area, Cooma was the destination for almost 100 years of rail services, until the line from Canberra was closed by flood damage to the bridge over the Numeralla River. For 10 years there were no trains to be seen in the Monaro area, until CMR commenced operations in December 1998.

CMR uses CPH Railmotors, locally restored to (almost) 'good as new' condition (see photo below). Motors 6 and 22 provide motive power, whilst trailer 55 has been restored as a dining/lounge car (a unique configuration). Motor 8 was initially considered beyond restoration, but even it is now a candidate for a new life.

The full run is to Chakola, some 19 kilometers from Cooma on the banks of the Numeralla River. Some services run to the intermediate stations at Snowy Junction and Bunyan (see OPERATIONS page for details of run times and costs). Apart from regular tourist services on weekends and holidays, CMR is available for group activities of many kinds - see our Group Tours page for details.


At Cooma Station                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

All photos on website: Phil O'Regan/CMR unless noted.