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VW Ganger Trolley Restoration


With school out for a couple of weeks, some of our Cadets took the opportunity to join our weekday team and continue work on the restoration of one of our VM Ganger Trolleys. This trolley has been completely disassembled and repaired both structurally and cosmetically. The team has been busy priming and painting all the components while learning about how the vehicle is constructed, with reassembly planned for next week. Once the mechanical work has been completed on drivetrain, this vehicle will go in to service with our track crew to assist with inspection and repairs on the track [...]

VW Ganger Trolley Restoration2024-04-19T12:15:30+10:00

Back to the classroom


It was back to the classroom for our volunteers yesterday as we ramp up our training program to increase the number of people that are qualified in various areas of our operation. One of the exciting aspects of our recent training activities is that we've been able to use the recently restored Cooma Railway Institute building to facilitate our training. For decades, railway workers in Cooma would have used this space for their training and education, so it's great to see this occurring one again. We are still putting the finishing touches on the building restoration, but this space [...]

Back to the classroom2023-09-25T17:16:10+10:00

Project Update – Snowy Junction


Thanks to the dedication of our brush cutting maestro Caelan, the Snowy Junction railway precinct is slowly coming back to life. With the majority of the vegetation now cleared, we've been able to expose the various remains of the original Snowy Junction yard, as well as a decades worth of wire and rubbish.The waste and remains of the Polo Flat level crossing that was removed a few years ago have also been dumped throughout the grounds which is disappointing, as we will now have to pay for it's disposal. We are currently working on the re-instatement of this level crossing.We [...]

Project Update – Snowy Junction2023-08-20T18:56:17+10:00

There was movement at the station…


As the word had passed around...well, around our volunteers anyway. Yesterday was a huge day of rolling stock movements in the Cooma yard. The first time in almost a decade that trains have moved along the rails at Cooma. Not only were we able to move Locomotive 3203 into it's new temporary shelter beside the Goods Shed, we were able to re-arrange our heritage wagons so that our current restoration projects, MBC22959 and L759 have been moved into more optimal locations for restoration work. Thank you to all of our volunteers for ensuring that we had such a successful [...]

There was movement at the station…2023-08-15T20:35:51+10:00

Museum Update – Expanding Our Visitor Experience


How time flies! Next week will be 6 months since our museum opened last December, and what an exciting 6 months it has been, with the arrival of Steam Locomotive 3203 and winning the award for Outstanding Visitor Experience at the recent Snowy Monaro Business Awards. Over the past few months, our volunteers have been working on a number of projects that will expand the current museum experience and allow visitors to get up close to some of our heritage rolling stock. One of these projects is the installation of access pathways, linking the Station Platform with other sections [...]

Museum Update – Expanding Our Visitor Experience2023-08-07T19:38:38+10:00

New Visitor Courtyard


As work continues in preparation for the museum opening, our volunteers have been transforming the areas around the station to ensure our visitors enjoy their visit. Over recent weeks, our team have been working on the southern end of the station, creating an outdoor refreshment area to allow visitors to sit and enjoy some light refreshments while visiting the museum. While there is still gardens to be planted in the coming weeks, we've been able to move the first tables in to place just in time for the September CMR Fresh Produce Markets tomorrow! [...]

New Visitor Courtyard2023-05-01T23:07:32+10:00

Project Update | Clearing the mess


It’s not pretty work but it’s important work and another important step toward bringing the precinct back to life. This week we’ve had two teams working on clean-up projects within the precinct. As we’ve been clearing the yard and railway corridor, we’ve accumulated a large collection of scrap steal and rubbish which we’ve now been able to collate and send out for recycling. Across on the northern side of the loco shed, another team have been painstakingly removing years worth of rubbish and debris that have been dumped in the ash pit on the second road. The rubbish has now [...]

Project Update | Clearing the mess2023-04-27T23:49:49+10:00

Getting Back on the Rails


It’s been a long journey and almost a decade since trains last graced the rails in the Monaro but we’re definitely on the home stretch. While we are still working through our re-accreditation, our volunteers are starting to prepare for the day that trains will roll once more. Track from the loco shed is being inspected in preparation for some much-needed sleeper replacement between the shed and the yard. Inspections have also begun on our fleet of Railmotors which are still in operational condition but, like any vehicle that sits idle for a decade, they’ll need a little TLC before [...]

Getting Back on the Rails2023-04-27T23:32:01+10:00

Quads, Sheds and Coffee


A Wheel Blast: This week we look at why the track quad vehicle has shiny rims, we move beyond the rafters to the battens at the loco shed, the sleepers continue to multiply under the track in the yard, and the best coffee is keeping our volunteers braced against the Cooma winter! The track maintenance quad vehicle is progressing well, with volunteer Daryl making an impromptu sand blasting cabinet from a cardboard bow and clear plastic to sandblast the quad’s wheels. The wheels are now looking splendid and following examination will be primed and readied to go back onto the track [...]

Quads, Sheds and Coffee2023-04-27T23:51:11+10:00
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