Thanks to the dedication of our brush cutting maestro Caelan, the Snowy Junction railway precinct is slowly coming back to life. With the majority of the vegetation now cleared, we’ve been able to expose the various remains of the original Snowy Junction yard, as well as a decades worth of wire and rubbish.

The waste and remains of the Polo Flat level crossing that was removed a few years ago have also been dumped throughout the grounds which is disappointing, as we will now have to pay for it’s disposal. We are currently working on the re-instatement of this level crossing.

We are now working on a master plan for the site, as it is the destination for Stage 1 of our tourist train operations. Stay tuned for that one.


Do you have any photos or information about Snowy Junction? Unfortunately, there is very little historical information or photos of Snowy Junction and the associated yard through Polo Flat so we’re hoping that someone might be able to help with some photos. This will help us understand the site and tell the story of railways and the Snowy Hydro Scheme.

There is very little remaining in the ground at Snowy Junction, apart from:

  • The formation of the former passing loop, including ballast and some sleepers (or what used to be sleepers) are still there under the grass.
  • Small sections of the rail for the passing loop and deviation into Polo Flat
  • The smashed up remains of the signal box
  • A small concrete pad and loose footings just down from the location of the signal box
  • Various earth works around the precinct

If you have any information that you would like to share with us, please comment below, send us a private message on Facebook or drop us an email at