With the commencement of operations and the repairs to the Yareen Road Level Crossing completed, one of our track teams were able to complete an installation run out to Snowy Junction (as far as the Polo Flat Road Level Crossing) to clear vegetation and assess the current state of the railway infrastructure.

It was extremely exciting to see railway vehicles back out on this section of line and it was great to see so many people waving and watching as we travelled along. It’s amazing to see so much local support and it means so much to our volunteers.

Our teams will continue to work through this section over the coming weeks as we clear vegetation and rubbish as well as conducting repairs. We’ll also be performing an up to date inspection of the track and infrastructure to guide our work plans over the coming months. The track is in relatively good condition, but there are sleepers that need to be replaced and other small repairs that are needed in various areas.

🚗 Polo Flat Road Level Crossing – This crossing was removed by John Holland Rail (incorrectly) and we are currently in discussions with the relevant departments to have the crossing reinstated. We will provide an update as things progress. For the moment, a stop block will be installed at Polo Flat Road and this will be the limit to our operations in the short term.

How can you help?

We are a 100% volunteer based organisation and all equipment and materials that we use, including the purchase of replacement sleepers, are funded through our own fundraising activities and contributions from our supporters.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donations can be made online through our online store via the following link:


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