It’s not pretty work but it’s important work and another important step toward bringing the precinct back to life.

This week we’ve had two teams working on clean-up projects within the precinct. As we’ve been clearing the yard and railway corridor, we’ve accumulated a large collection of scrap steal and rubbish which we’ve now been able to collate and send out for recycling.

Across on the northern side of the loco shed, another team have been painstakingly removing years worth of rubbish and debris that have been dumped in the ash pit on the second road. The rubbish has now been disposed of and the pit will soon receive some small repairs and fresh new coat of white paint.

Both of these projects were made much easier with the use of machinery which was kindly donated by our members.

If you would like to be part of getting trains running in the Monaro once more, please send us a message on Facebook or via email to Any help is greatly appreciated and you don’t need any prior experience.